Caricature For Every Occasion

A picture tells a thousand words, and a caricature tells thousands more. They are perfect for every occasion, as they are, by definition, a picture meant to exaggerate and to pay homage to an event, a person, and an idea. This makes each one of these images a terrific opportunity to celebrate nuptials with a bride and groom with smiles from ear to ear on a gigantic head, a chance to sell tell someone you love them, and a chance to celebrate the beginning or the rejuvenation of a business.

After we have completed the image, the possibilities are endless. We work with a third party manufacturer to do anything from wrapping the image around a coffee mug to printing them out in masses as e-cards, and even putting them on the front of a T-shirt.

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I received a caricature of myself and my daughter on our way to our first game of the season. My daughter thought it was hilarious and I swear she had a smile as big as the one in the picture. I will treasure this forever and it now sits in a frame on my desk at work.


Marcus Stein

(Houston, Texas)


Starting a business and deciding what to do with the website had me worried? How was I supposed to make my establishment stand out? How was I going to make potential customers stay and check out the menu? A friend of mine suggested I use a caricature, and since I already go by Fat Phil I could not see why not. Now my website is getting tons of traffic (I swear it's because of the food as well!), but I could not have done this without Caricature Nation's help.


Phil “Fat Phil” Ashback, owner and master chef at Phil's Last Stand

(Chicago, Illinois)